Epic Parenting Skills!

It’s not often us parents give ourselves a pat on the back. I suppose that’s what this post is. However, it is not meant to brag, but to laugh at the absurd situations we find ourselves in so often, that after a while we deal with them with comedic precision!

Last night was one such situation. Hubby and I are blissfully ‘Netflix and chilling’ on a deliciously quiet Saturday evening. The children have finally settled down and we are relaxing and chomping away on biscuits. As parents, this is the most exciting thing that can happen to us at the weekend.

We hear the usual footsteps that occasionally pad above us as they travel to and from the toilet. Suddenly, the dreaded ‘Mummieeeeeee’ cries from the bathroom. Enter epic parenting skills from 10 years of experience. Hubby and I jump off the sofa in perfect synchronisation and dash up the stairs. Standing in the bathroom is our 4 year old, dazed and in a huge mess. WARNING: SEMI GRAPHIC DETAIL! Let’s just say she had an upset tummy and didn’t make it in time. Her pants had exploded all over herself, her clothes, the floor and the toilet.

With unspoken ninja moves, Hubby and I take our roles. Hubby strips her of her PJ’s as I commence cleaning. Hubby plonks her in the shower and I prepare a towel and new clothes. I take her into the bedroom whilst Hubby rinses clothes in the shower. I stay to settle her whilst clothes are put into the washing machine.

She is settled back to sleep and Hubby and I reconvene in the bathroom to wash our hands. I calmly inform him that she is asleep once more and we go downstairs unfazed to sit back down on the sofa, un pausing our new box set obsession.

It wasn’t until my Hubby turned to me and humorously said, ‘Now that was handled with the skill of experienced parents wasn’t it!’, that I realised how amusingly streamline the whole experience had been. How we took on our roles without any communication, calmly and with routine. We have dealt with this kind of situation more times than I can count.

So if you are a new parent, shocked by some of the bizarre and grotesque experiences you feel you may not have signed up for, take courage; it will strangely become very routine. I’m not sure if this is good news or bad. But be aware that you will already have developed some epic parenting skills that will stand you in good stead for the future. If you are a long term parent who has dealt with these episodes more times than you can remember, pat yourself on the back. I salute you both and your epic parenting skills.


What funny situations have you developed epic parenting skills in? Please share your stories below!


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