Be strong little ones

Raising children in this world can be scary sometimes. Especially when it feels like attacks on the wonderful people of this country are gaining pace. News of this kind, whether in our country, or abroad always hits me hard, as I’m sure it does you, and I feel such devastation for everyone. So many questions race through my mind. What sort of world is this? How can I keep my children safe when I’m raising them in such a large city? Should we avoid certain places? Should I shelter them from these events?

In fact my first inclination is to hide such things from them. I don’t want them to be unduly concerned, especially when one of them has a tendency for anxiety. Up until this date, I have indeed shielded them from such news. However, I sometimes feel that the greatest protection is to be informed yet reassured. I’m aware that I can’t hide these things, especially from my eldest two. I know that these events can sometimes be addressed at school, and was even brilliantly handled by one of their weekly magazine subscriptions following events in Manchester.

Whilst these outlets do a wonderful job, there is nothing like hearing things from a parent, in the safety of their home, followed by an outpouring of love and reassurance. So today, when I am keeping up with news on my phone, I won’t quickly hide it, but answer any questions that my bright and curious children might have. We may talk about how to stay safe. But above all we will talk about hope, love and all of the good in the world. There is still so much of it, let’s never forget that.

It can be easy to let fear consume us. But I feel the greatest hope this world has lies within our power as we raise our children. I need to be strong and brave to teach my children to be strong and brave. I want them to see how much love and beauty there is in the world, and that even in times of devastation, these stories of love and bravery are always the ones that bring light back to the darkness.

So, I do have hope. My children are bright and loving. My eldest has a strong sense of right and wrong, and possesses great compassion. My second is bold, confident and kind. My youngest is loving and sweet, with a very determined character. It’s easy to worry about them, but it’s better to lift them up, and teach them to be the kind of person that will make this world what it deserves to be. Full of love, kindness, passion, goodness, tolerance and without prejudice. But above all I want to teach them to be strong.

Even though this world can be frightening and tough, bring light to it. Bring love to it. Shower it with your beauty. And be strong little ones, be strong.






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