What Brexit taught me

So, it’s a year on from Brexit, and it’s still a highly emotive subject. To me, things seem as if they are in quite a mess. I am definitely someone who engages in politics. I’m not sure I would say that I enjoy it, but rather see it as a necessity. I believe it’s really important for everyone to be as informed as possible. After all, politics impacts us all in some way.

As for me, I was a remain voter. When I woke to the result, I was disappointed but not terribly shocked. I had a worrying feeling that it may not go the way I had hoped. I can get quite passionate about these things. On this morning, my youngest was unwell, so I kept her off Nursery. She was playing in front of me whilst I watched the rolling news.

All of a sudden something struck me, and these were my thoughts:

lydiaI could say many things and have been sitting on my hands all morning to refrain from saying some of them. Suffice it to say I am bitterly disappointed with the result and feel genuinely sad. However I was reminded whilst watching the news that in the foreground was my beautiful daughter who is off school poorly today. And then it hit me. No matter your view, or whatever happens next, we need to love. Love each other and take care of those dear to us. Love is abundant in this world and I see it all around me every day. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it and recognise that there is a lot more of it needed. So I’m going to switch off the news, and switch off my growing feelings of anger and disappointment and take care of my lovely baby. I hope her future will be bright and I aim to instill in her that love for everyone, no matter our differences, is one of the most important things that this world needs.

A year on, I still feel the same way. Politics, as with many other things can be so incredibly divisive, people can even fall out and lose friendships because of differing views. I know it won’t solve the tumultuous times our country is facing; I’m not that naive. It is certainly a start though, and I think we can’t be reminded of it enough.

That morning, my obsession, disappointment and growing feelings of anger were detracting from the most important thing in front of me; my daughter. As she asked me to play with her, it was certainly a light bulb moment. I was glad to turn off the TV and get down on the floor to join her.

It hasn’t saved the world, but it certainly won’t hurt it either. But maybe, just maybe, if we could all love each other and be kind, regardless of views, race and religion, we could save this planet we call home.


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