How to fall in love with your blog again

After having a major operation, admittedly I was tired and needed time to recuperate. It was natural to take a break from blogging. However, as I began to heal, I didn’t feel as if I cared about my blog anymore. I felt very unmotivated. Whilst I still enjoyed my social media accounts, I didn’t even want to look at my blog, let alone write a piece to go on it.

I know that it can be common for people to struggle with a lull in their blogging life too, so I decided to share some things I did to help myself get to where I am now: Back in love with my blog and excited to take it forward.

1- Give yourself a break

Whether you’ve been forced to take a break, starting to feel stuck in a rut, lost interest or experiencing writers block; you name it, taking a step back could be just what you need.

It’s ok to take a break and there can be lots of advantages to it. At first I felt worried about not blogging, but then began to embrace the time off. Switching off gave my brain a break, but also the distance allowed me once to look at my blog in a slightly different light and make some changes. This in itself added to my renewed fervour!

2- Don’t force it

When I tried to force myself to write a blog post, it just didn’t go well. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about and began to feel frustrated with myself. This only led me to feel that I was no good at writing and blogging and didn’t help my predicament at all.

Be patient and write only when ideas come to you. Having a purpose to your blog post will be reflected in the work itself. If it’s been written just for the sake of it, you won’t feel good about it and it probably won’t be read or received well by others.

3- Make notes

If you get the odd idea, but still aren’t motivated enough to see it through, have somewhere handy to jot your thoughts down. When you are in the right frame of mind, you can come back to them and write some great blog posts.

This way you won’t feel guilty or worried about losing good ideas, and when you return to your blog, you’ll have lots of inspiration waiting to get you started.

4- Make some changes

It could be that you’ve lost interest in your blog because it’s not working for you. Maybe it needs a change in direction, or perhaps you need to add another dimension to it. Change the look or layout, add new photos, or spruce up your about me page. You could add different menu items, change it’s purpose or even change the name.

Whether it needs a rebrand, new focus, or just a new colour scheme, a change could be exactly what you need to feel excited about your blog again.

5- Try some simple blog posts

The first blog post I wrote that started to pull me out of my rut was ‘25 questions about me‘. ‘Get to know me’ posts are great and very simple to write. Your readers will often enjoy learning new things about you, and they are in a very focussed question and answer style, which will help even the most blocked writer!

Collaborations are good too. They may come as invitations from others, or you could ask another blogger to contribute to your blog. Either way, working with another person can motivate you and give you a timescale or deadline to work towards.

6- Strike while the iron’s hot!

When you do get an idea or the urge to write returns, do it quickly if you can! Strike while the iron’s hot! I find that when I start writing, words start to flow and my adrenalin starts pumping. I’m back and I’m hooked. If I let that moment pass, or don’t write the idea down, my disinterest returns and I’ve missed the opportunity.


I hope this helps you if you’re having trouble with your blog. Do you have any tips to share down below? I’d love to hear from you!




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