Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m a Mum to three lovely kiddies who are now all at school as of Sept 2016! It really feels like a new chapter and as such, it brings with it lots of changes, not only for them but also for me.  I’m currently on a quest to find my place in the world now that I have more time on my hands.

Being a Mum and Wife is still my priority, but I’m currently at the beginning of my road back to work.  I’m a qualified teacher, but took 8 years away from the profession.  But I also have other interests and passions that I want to try my hand at.

Writing is one of them. So follow me as my new chapter begins and keep me in check to make sure I follow through!  Read my frequently updated Back to Work Diary which is written retrospectively, so you can see how the experience has been going, with all it’s ups and downs!  Hopefully it will help you if you’re going through something similar.

You can also find lots of blog posts about parenting and every day life, as well as some of my favourite things that I’m enjoying at the moment. If you have time check out some of my reviews here.


Music, Writing, Reading, Nature, Animals, Photography, Home Interiors, Food, TV and Film, Theatre, Being cosy!