diary entry 2

Going back

“I had done it once, I can do it again”, I told myself.  It had only been my first time teaching after eight years after all.  I needed to give myself a break and not keep reliving my first attempt at supply and get back to it.

I got the call for my second booking a week later. I asked to always be booked in advance, so that my husband could look after my youngest who was almost two. Arranging child care was new to us, but we were very lucky indeed.  My husband would be able to take the children to school, and occasionally work from home. My mother was local as well, so she was available to help out.

I went back to the same school which made me feel better, and it was a Reception class which I preferred, as I felt more comfortable the younger the children were.  It was just an afternoon again too which I liked, as it was a quick burst and then I could go home!

It went well. The children were good on the whole.  They had activities to do whilst the Teaching Assistant and I did focused activities. I made sure I gave the TA the disclaimer that I was ‘new’ again and had taken eight years out etc etc. I felt I needed to. I wasn’t quite sure why.

After an hour had passed, the teacher of the class popped in.  The TA told me through her that I ‘was brilliant’, and that ‘she’s only just come back after taking years off’, and ‘you can’t tell’, and we need to ‘have her back again’.  This was exactly what I needed to hear.  I  was rather proud of myself, and it was so confidence building to have her say this in front of me.

I told my husband as soon as I got home. He was of course proud of me as he always is.  I often never see it myself, but he always does.  This was a good day.  I nervously thought towards my next experience, with slightly more confidence than I had before that morning.


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