FATFACE Sweatshirt

I wanted to tell you about a love story.  It all started when my husband showed me his laptop on the evening of Christmas Day.  The highlight of Christmas had finally come…the Fatface online sale.  We both settled down on the sofa with our chocolates, and browsed through the sale sections.

For us, Fatface sale shopping usually includes anything from tops, tees, maybe a dress for me, jeans, coats, knitwear, PJ’s…ok literally anything!  On this occasion my husband bought a few polo shirts, and I bought 2 dresses for work and a sweatshirt.

In particular it is me who is the most impatient for sale items to arrive in the post.  They are admittedly busier at these times, so it can take a little longer than usual.  After a about a week, we got that postman’s knock on the door, and he was carrying the familiar grey package.

IMG_4263I tried on my clothes at the first opportunity, which was probably bedtime as I’m a mum! But the sweatshirt (called the Faye Sweat) was quick and easy to try on there and then.  IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST WEAR!!  Oh my goodness, it is comfortable!  So comfortable in fact, that almost nothing else feels comfortable anymore!  This must be the most worn item of clothing I have ever owned.

I was looking back at some photos, and I realised that in nearly every photo where my presence is seen, I am wearing THAT sweatshirt.  Yes, I do wash it, but it goes back on the next day; and so the cycle continues.  My husband has begun to joke with me.  After I am dressed in the morning, he greets me saying, “Oh, nice to see you wearing your sweatshirt for a change!”

So yes, my Fatface sweatshirt is probably my favourite item of clothing.  It must have been designed for me.  It’s comfortable, casual, COSY (if you know me this is my favoured state of being),  all the while being fashionable and without being frumpy. Did I mention that its grey? I love grey.

Alas, should you wish to purchase this sweatshirt for yourself, it is no longer available.  However, Fatface do have a range of sweatshirts that look equally scrumptious, so take a gander at their website, or toddle down to a shop.  You’ll be happy that you did!


This is not sponsored!



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