It was easy to decide what I would feature in my next favourites post.  Lush!  In particular their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars.  Although a relatively new discovery, I have fallen head over heels!

You could say it’s a #youtubemademebuyit purchase.  However, it’s probably the only thing I’ve seen on Youtube that I’ve gone out and bought!  So it must be special!  It started at Christmas.  I was captivated by the Christmas themed products and wanted to give them a go.  I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (who hasn’t?!) and thought I could do with some much needed R&R, and what better than a hot, cosy, and beautifully scented bath?

I’m not an overly girly girl, so pampering doesn’t usually feature on my list of priorities, but the Christmas products had me hooked!  I have continued to enjoy many baths featuring a plethora of bubbles, colours and scents.  My worries gently drift away, leaving me feeling renewed and relaxed (for a change!).  Lush products now seem to feature on the ‘what to get Mum for special occasions’ list, such as I received on Mother’s Day…

My children now also love to go to the shop and pick out some fun bubble bars and bombs for themselves.  They are much more enthused at bath time when there’s a Lush product involved!  We all gather around the bath to see what spectacle is about to be unleashed!  They hop in gladly and enjoy a colourful, ‘yummy’ smelling bath.  They especially love it if a surprise pops out at the end!

While we were out today, we couldn’t resist popping into Lush to pick up some Easter themed treats!  A super cute egg and chick, some colourful carrot bubble bars, a very glittery golden egg and a great big Easter egg!  We can’t wait to use them!  I’m aware there are so many products we haven’t even tried yet- we’ve barely scratched the surface!  I suppose we have more experimenting to come!!


This is not a sponsored post


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