Diary entry 7

steady she goes

My next entry is a couple of days in one.  If you remember last time I didn’t have such a great experience (diary entry 6) and went to a school I vowed never to return to!  I had been slightly scarred by that experience I’ll admit, but I got back on the horse shall we say, and accepted my next assignment.

I returned to the school where I went for my first whole day , which this time was only going to be a morning.  I felt ok with this and was very glad to be going back to the same place.  The morning went really well.  We had assembly, maths groups, playtime and phonics.  I remembered some of the children’s names from last time as it was the same class which was another bonus.

I had no funny looks from any staff and the children were compliant, so I was pleased. Before I knew it was in the car going home for lunch.  ‘This is alright”, I thought to myself.  I happily accepted my next assignment, which was to return to the very first school I went to.  I had been there a couple of times now, and I was teaching the same reception class I had taught before.

This time I was teaching for TWO FULL DAYS! Can you believe it?! That seemed like a lot of work to me, and I was looking forward to the prospect of feeling like a ‘proper’ working girl.  Plus, they’ve had me back a few times now, so I guess I’m not all bad after all!

I feel like I have started a rapport with the TA in the class now, and am getting to know the children.  Day one was a standard day in Reception, and everything seemed to go swimmingly.  I felt more and more comfortable in this school, this class and with the staff.  The school had a fun sports event on day two.  We had to run/walk laps around the field (I felt like I would collapse!) and even did Zumba in the hall! (I felt like an idiot!)

But at the end of it, I felt satisfied.  I had worked THREE assignments and they had all gone well.  Could this be the steady progress I have been waiting for?! I could have patted myself on the back at this stage, but I was reluctant to as I still wasn’t secure in my ability, and I was convinced that my next job wouldn’t go as well.  It’s just the way I’m made and the way I think, but I hoped that I was wrong.


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